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Boat tour and Diving Tour – from Sorrento (2.5 hour duration with single dive)

Boat tour and Diving Tour – from Sorrento (2.5 hour duration with single dive)


Ever wondered about what is going on in the depths of Sorrento’s stunning waters? If you want to see first-hand, its simple, book a diving tour with us. In the stretch of water off the Sorrento Coast you will be able to experience a flora and fauna that you probably are not expecting. A Colourful seabed, with white, yellow, and red gorgonians, massive sea sponges and spectacular shoals of fish. Join us for an unforgettable diving experience with nature at its finest.

Don't let seasickness ruin your experience!

Some people, often without knowing it, might suffer from nausea and discomfort caused by the motion of the boat. If you think you may have this condition, research if you can take tablets for seasickness to make the best of your experience.

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    from 89€ per person
    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • PADI certified diving instructor
    • Skuba Mask Icon Full diving equipment provided by us
    • Refreshments provided
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    Tour programme – Dive from Sorrento

    Before setting off we will have a short introduction, introducing our staff and other aspects of your dive. We will then give you your diving equipment and its time to board. Depending on daily weather and water conditions the staff will decide upon the best dive location for your tour.
    Possible Dive Locations:

    Boat tour from Sorrento with diving in Punta Campanella

    Punta Campanella – Scoglio Penna (Massa Lubrense – Sorrento Coast)

    Punta Campanella is the head land that divides the Gulfs of Naples and Salerno. Majestic and imposing, with great walls of rock that come right down to sea level. Below sea level, however, is one of the great diving experiences of the Mediterranean, encountering a wide range of sea life and vegetation. You will also get to see great variations of the natural environment whilst on the dive, vast areas full of caverns, plateaus covered in rich vegetation and red corals, over hanging walls rich with yellow gorgonians and small caves. To preserve the biodiversity of this area, it was made into a “protected sea area” in 1990.

    Immersione scoglio Penna - Tour in barca da Sorrento con Immersione

    Grotta dello Zaffiro “Sapphire Cave”

    This is one of the most beautiful dives from all the options here on our peninsula, and for a particularly good reason, upon entering the cave you will be surrounded by a thousand shades of blue, and all around by magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. And just to up the beauty even more, the wide range of life you will find under water is spectacular.

    Immersione subacquea Scoglio Penna

    Isca Islet

    Enchanting droplets of light await you in the natural caves of the Isca Islet, situated in the protected sea area of Punta Campanella, famous for being an area of reflection and refuge of Eduardo De Filippo. The largest cave, known as the “Cave of Isca” was discovered completely by accident in the 70’s, and inside you will find a stunning display of stalactites. And you will be sure to spot a lovely array of fish and molluscs.

    Immersione Isca Positano - Tour immersione da Sorrento


    Situated between a spectacular garden of red gorgonians on the north wall and the statue of the Virgin Mary to east, she sits on the seabed at a depth of 12 metres and is the protector of all who work at sea, this area is rich with sea life including snappers, white breams, sea bass, groupers, and barracuda! Please note there is a further €5 ticket required for this dive, additional to the cost.

    Diving in Sorrento - Vervece Rock

    What's included and what's not

    • Full diving equipment (diving suit, mask, flippers, gav, dispenser and cylinder)
    • Professional Skipper
    • PADI certified diving instructor aboard
    • Water
    • Towels
    • Vervece Ticket: 5€

    Notes and recommendations for the tour

    • Anyone from 10 years of age can participate in the dive
    • You need to know how to swim
    • You must be in good health
    • We advise you not to overeat before the tour
    from 89€ per person
    • Duration: 2.5 hours
    • PADI certified diving instructor
    • Skuba Mask Icon Full diving equipment provided by us
    • Refreshments provided
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    See the Marine Park without Scuba gear - let's Snorkel!

    From the surface you can join us on one of our unique snorkel tours, led by our marine biologist! Gaze at remarkable biodiversity from the surface, hear fascinating facts and be guided on best techniques by an expert. A phenomenal experience not to be missed!

    Discover snorkeling tour

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    I've been diving for 15 years... with dry suits in the San Juan Islands of Washington State to Tee shirts in Bonaire and Roatan, The GBR, The Coral Sea and Poor Knights Island, NZ. My dive with DIve Master Vittoria on the Banco Santa Croce site was a Top Three Dive for me. With Tuna feeding on schools of sardines back dropped to beautiful Mediterranean coral... this dive had it all. The Professional, experienced and fun shore crew at Punta Campanella Diving Center made this a perfect day.

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