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Boat Tour and Diving Tour from Sorrento (4 hour duration with 2 dives)

Boat Tour and Diving Tour from Sorrento (4 hour duration with 2 dives)


Prepare to discover the beauty of the underwater world of the Coast of Sorrento and Punta Campanella. There is nothing like it in this world. Unique biodiversity, numerous caves, ravines & cavities, and where the sunlit shines you will see the most amazing light show of blues and greens, sparkling between the yellow sponges and red gorgonians. And it goes without saying that you will find shoals of fish searching for food, and with a little extra luck you can also spot tuna & mackerel. This tour includes two dives to ensure that you have more opportunity to spot as much as possible. What are you waiting for? Book your tour now!

Don't let seasickness ruin your experience!

Some people, often without knowing it, suffer from the oscillating movements of the boat, this causes nausea and discomfort, ruining a magnificent experience. If you think you may have this condition ask your doctor if you can take tablets for seasickness.

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    from 150€ for person
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • PADI certified diving instructor
    • Skuba Mask Icon Equipment provided by us
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    Tour programme – Dive from Sorrento

    Before setting off we will have a short introduction, introducing our staff and other aspects of your dive. We will then give you your diving equipment and its time to board, and in just a few minutes we will reach our destination for your first dive of the day. Depending on daily weather and water conditions the staff will decide upon the best dive location for your tour. Possible Dive Locations:

    Boat tour with diving in Sorrento

    Punta Campanella – Scoglio Penna (Massa Lubrense – Sorrento Coast)

    This is a unique diving experience in the protected marine park of Punta Campanella, when you arrive you will see the remains of the Saracen towers, constructed on the land of the roman remains of a temple dedicated to the God Minerva. This is nearby the area where our dive will start. Once in the water you will be surprised by the intensity of the blue waters and incredible biodiversity. You’ll see gorgonians of every size and shape. It highly probable that you will bump into Tuna and amberjacks, as they pass by in their shoals. If you enjoy underwater photography – then this is an excellent location for you. At the right time of year, some of our incredibly lucky customers get the chance to see dolphins swim and play here too.

    Boat tour in Sorrento and Diving scoglio Penna

    Grotta dello Zaffiro “Sapphire Cave” – (Massa Lubrense – Sorrento Coast)

    The Grotta dello Zaffiro can be ranked among the top attractions in the Protected Sea area of Punta Campanella. The light which penetrates the main entrance to the cave creates the glorious blue shade from which it gets its name. The Grotta dello Zaffiro is full of stunning stalactites and stalagmites, where in certain places within the cave they actually meet, creating beautiful columns.

    Diving Tour Sorrento

    Grotta Isca - Isca Cave

    An incredible diving experience awaits you in the Cave of Isca, swin among natural cavities with enchanting droplets of light shining on the vaults covered with what looks like Astroides and Parazoanthus, truly a photographer’s paradise.

    Diving in Sorrento with PADI Instructor

    Immersione Vervece

    One of the dives that you could do on our tours is the “scoglio di Vervece” Vervece’s Rock, an incredibly unique and fascinating dive. This location is really a mecca for all who love this sport, case in point is back in 1974 the free diver Enzo Maiorca set the free dive record here, reaching a depth of 87 meters. World records apart this dive offers amazing biodiversity and sights, plus the submerged bronze statue of the virgin Mary. Please note there is a further €5 ticket required for this dive, additional to the cost.

    Diving Vervece - Boat tour from Sorrento

    What's included and what's not

    • Full diving equipment (diving suit, mask, flippers, gav, dispenser and cylinder)
    • Professional Skipper
    • PADI certified diving instructor aboard
    • Towels
    • If you do the “Vervece Dive” the €5 ticket cost

    Notes and recommendations for the tour

    • Anyone from 10 years of age can participate in the dive
    • You need to know how to swim
    • You must be in good health
    • We advise you not to overeat before the tour
    from 150€ for person
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • PADI certified diving instructor
    • Skuba Mask Icon Equipment provided by us
    Book now!

    Don't want to wear cylinders?
    Let's Snorkeling!

    What makes our snorkeling special compared to others? The presence of a marine biologist who meter after meter you will make you discover the biodiversity of our waters and will tell you about our enchanting territory. A unique experience not to be missed!

    Discover snorkeling tour

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    I've been diving for 15 years... with dry suits in the San Juan Islands of Washington State to Tee shirts in Bonaire and Roatan, The GBR, The Coral Sea and Poor Knights Island, NZ. My dive with DIve Master Vittoria on the Banco Santa Croce site was a Top Three Dive for me. With Tuna feeding on schools of sardines back dropped to beautiful Mediterranean coral... this dive had it all. The Professional, experienced and fun shore crew at Punta Campanella Diving Center made this a perfect day.

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