Banco di Santa Croce

20min navigation medium difficult pinnacles dives, 50max deep

Banco di Santa Croce, "biologically protected area" established in 1993, consists of five large rock pinnacles. The walls, more or less steep, depending on the different sides, reach about 50m depth. After the first 7-8 m deep opens the eyes of divers a scenario of a beauty hard to imagine, for a sea so close to the estuary of the Sarno River. Instead the river's nutrients  create a perfect environment for the development of a flourishing life. Red and yellows gorgonia and Axinelle cannabina sponge already in the first 18 m.  Depth increases the concentration of sea fans, often covered with shark eggs, scenery almost unique in the Mediterranean.  Circumnavigating the main pinnacle, there is a large vertical crack that cuts through the pinnacle, where the light from filtering through the branches of gorgonians, giving the divers  impressive scenery.  Sometimes, during the decompression stops, it is not uncommon to see eagle rays, tuna, bonito and dorado.