Culinary curiosity

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Gastronomic traditions

The generous earth products Sorrento, nuts, oranges and lemons, as well as the famous olive oil, has long since achieved a reputation that goes beyond national borders.Specialties such as limoncello, baba limoncello, gnocchi alla Sorrento, braid orravioli alla caprese conquer the palate of every lover of good food. Of course in addition to classic Sorrento specialties, find all the other products of the peninsula, from Provolone del Monaco DOP to Gragnano pasta or extra virgin olive oil DOP Sorrentine Peninsula, and, finally, of course the pizza, the Queen of the Gulf of Naples that there can even be eaten "by the meter", as is done in a popular pizzeria in Vico Equense. In recent years, thanks to these resources,Sorrento and the Sorrentine Peninsula have also become an important destination for wine tourism.

Punta Campanella Diving Center  (SeaLand Adventure srl)

Peninsula's wine

Yet the wine in the Sorrento Peninsula has a long history, if you think that Plinyand Martial in their writings remind the manufacture of special amphorae built(often found in the various dive sites of the AMP) for containing the nectar of Bacchus. In particular, there are two varieties that have characterized the centuries, the wine production of the Sorrento Peninsula, the San Nicola linkinghis name to a wine-tasting sweet and delicate bouquet, found only on the territory of the Amalfi coast and Sorrento, the 'another is the type of grape, grapessanginella recognizable to hard, large and oval taste particularly pleasant.These two original vines, in view of the transformation of crops, are disappearingto make way for new vineyards planted with the system already grafted cuttingsof ensuring a better production than the typical "sweaters" grafted with shoots of St. Nicholas, or Dogwood.However, an indigenous variety, grown in the hills of Vico Equense, has the potential right to be counted among the best wines from Campania: the wine is"the Sabbath" ("and Sapt" in local dialect). The houses of Sejanus, Lichtenbergand Arola, representing the center of production of the grapes from which we obtain this precious nectar very similar to aroma and body, known as Aglianico.