Li Galli

Located in the Gulf of Salerno, the three small islands of 'Li Galli (Gallo Lungo, the Rotonda, and Castelluccia) are located about 3 miles from the coast, almost in front of Positano. The preferred area for scuba divers is the south wall of the islet of the ' Gallo Lungo, the biggest stumbling block and also the only one to be inhabited. We dive until reach a plateau  to 15 m deep, rich in white sea fans; keeping the wall to our right we proceed reaching a depth of approximately 20 m where there is a ledge from which we can see the wall that sinks into the blue under 200m. Remaining on this point is not so hard to come across in passing fish as tuna and amberjack between the wall rocks are dens of morays, groupers and croakers.