Myths and Legends

Punta Campanella Diving Center  (SeaLand Adventure srl)

Punta Campanella

The etymology of Punta Campanella, derived from 2 stories related to a bell. Thefirst legend tells of a bell inside the tower Minerva, still visible on the cape, played by soldiers at the sight of the Saracen ships. But the other says that during a raid Saracen, the Sorrento peninsula, was sacked the church of S.Antonino Abate (patron saint of Sorrento), from which the bell was stolen. When the Saracen fleet arrived near Punta Minerva (tip bell), hampered by a mysterious force, to round the Cape was forced to throw overboard the bronze bell. Legend has it that every February 14th, the feast of the patron saint, from the sea you hear the sound of the bell.

Punta Campanella Diving Center  (SeaLand Adventure srl)

Vervece's Rock


His name derives from the Latin vervex (goat). An ancient legend says that the women of Sorrento, nearby residents feared that ii wanted to steal the rock of Sorrento, they tried to pull him to shore with the aid of a rope.In the attempt, the rope broke and women massesi cadddero ground andsuffered a strong impact "the flattening of the buttocks."

Punta Campanella Diving Center  (SeaLand Adventure srl)

Capri e Li Galli - Le isole delle sirene

According to legend, the "residence" of the mythological Sirens was situated along the coast of southern Italy, off the peninsula of Sorrento, in the space of sea between the islands of 'Li Galli and the island of Capri, with the charm oftheir music they attract sailors who passed nearby, the ships were approachingdangerously then the rocky coast, crashing against this, and the Sirens devouredunwary. Ulysses plowed these waters, but, warned by Circe, he ordered his men to plug their ears with wax, he is himself tied to a mast, prohibiting companions, untie any petition had addressed to them. The story goes that the Sirens,indispettite from their failure, jumped overboard and drowned.