Punta Campanella

15min navigation, easy-difficult wall dive, 50max deep

Punta Campanella closes to the harbor is the watershed between Gulf of Naples and Gulf of Salerno. At the extreme edge of Campanella Point in wild isolation rises the temple of the goddess Minerva, at the point which there was subsequently erected the tower in the sixteenth century, still today it is possible to admire the remains.  Hence the great archaeological interest that covers this area. In fact, its depths still preserve interesting artifacts Roman era. The morphology quite varied, allows during the same dive to cross many different natural scenes between them. The dive alternates area of ​​boulders, full of holes, sloping plateaus covered by huge red gorgonian fans, with sheer walls covered with dense yellow gorgonia up to peep in small caves where the diver is surrounded by swarms of parapandali (Plesionika narval). During the fall season you are guaranteed hunting scenes of tuna and small anchovies that bench seek refuge along the coast.