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We organize RECREATIONAL SCUBA COURSES from the beginner to instructor level with the release of international PADI and DAN certifications and, TECHNICAL SCUBA COURSES of IANTD agency. The theoretical lessons are taken using modern video tools. The practical lessons are taken in a swimming pool or directly at the sea, according to the period of the year and to the level of the course. Usually the dives in open water are from the boat.
To meet our students demands, the schedules and the dates of the courses are extremely elastic and personalized. The classes are never crowded, guaranteeing a service and a particular attention to the students.
During the courses the whole underwater equipment required is available for the students . To attend a scuba course it's necessary to be able to swim, to be in good shape and to have a medical statement.

First Breath

Specialies & experienced scuba divers

To become a professional

Technical Courses

The IANTD International Association Nitrox & Technical Divers, 'was the first training organization in the world to have proposed nitrox diving courses, technical, trimix and rebreather, identifying with them for many years his teaching job.
The IANTD 'was founded in 1985 by Dick Rutkowski, chief diver NOAA (National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration) and it' was the first training organization to devote himself to teaching diving nitrox, technical, trimix and rebreather. The next president of the IANTD Inc., Mount Tom, was the promoter of the international development of these techniques dive, now found all over the world.