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How can I book directly on your website?

You can book directly online by clicking the "Book this tour" on our website.

How much is needed to secure booking?

A full payment is required to complete or secure the booking.


What is the typical daily dive schedule?

The meeting is at 8.15 at the diving center (at 8.00 for those who have chosen the pick-up from Sorrento) to register and prepare the equipment. At 9.15 our boats leave from Marina della Lobra for two dives dives and guided snorkeling in the Marine Protected Area of ​​Punta Campanella. The excursion takes approximately 4 hours and includes a visit to two different dive sites in the marine park. The return is expected around 13.30. The afternoon meeting is at 14.45 (at 14.30 for those who have chosen the pick up from Sorrento) for the afternoon excursions. At 3.45 pm our boats depart from Marina della Lobra for a guided dive and a snorkel dive both with a expert in marine biology. The excursion take approximately 2 hours and includes a single dive sites in the marine park. The return is expected around 6 pm.

What is the water temperature and which suit you suggest me?

From December and March the outside temperatures can reach close to 0°C(32°F) and the water can reach a minimum of 13°C (55.4°F). The use of dry suits is highly recommended. In the months of April May June the water temperatures are still cold 16°C (60°F) in April up to 21°C (70°F) in June. During these months 7mm wetsuits or dry suits are recommended. In the months of July August September and October the water temperatures can rise up to 26°C (78°F) on the surface and 20°C (68°F) in depth, the 5mm wetsuit is optimal.

How deep do you go?

The depth depends on your qualification. You can refer to the page of the course for depth and other details. We always try to create homogeneous groups based on their skills.

Where do you do the diving?

We conduct our diving courses in the Marine Reserve of Punta Campanella, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento Capri and Banco di Santa Croce. We have also a diving SUBAIA.COM from which we dive on the Underwater Archeological Ruins in Baia.

Do you go diving at Banco di Santa Croce?

We dive at Banco di Santa Croce regularly every week, usually a double dive on the same site while trying to diversify the routes.

Change booking

How can I modify the date or time of my booking?

To change a booking please contact us within 24 hours before the start of the tour at the following email address: info@puntacampanelladiving or whatsapp at +393384712360

Cancel Booking

What is your booking and cancellation policy?

Diving/snorkeling trips 
- Booking required at least 2 days before. Prior booking/ cancellation (subject to availability) at least 24 hours in advance (from checking time). No refunds will be given to customers who be late or do not show up on the day of the trip. -Cancellation made with a notice of more than 7 days: full refund of the amount paid for the reservation minus the service costs of the online payment platform (PayPal 3.5%, free if booked from the website). -Cancellation made with a notice between 7 and one day (24 hours from the Check-in time): refund of 50% of the amount or attribution of a credit of 100% of the amount for a voucher valid for the current calendar year. Weather cancellations are at the company’s discretion. If the company or the instructor cancels the trip activity due to bad weather, mechanical problems, or whatever issue, the customer will get a full refund or reschedule if possible.
-Should you decide to cut short the trip, you will still be charged in full.

Days and Availability

Are the dives and tours available every day?

Most of the activities are available every day in the period from April to October. For yours the availabilities are updated in real time. For courses and private dives you can contact us by e-mail or whatsapp.


What is the maximum number of participants on your tour?

The maximum number of participants on the boat is generally 12 people. Underwater, to offer the best service, we always try to have small groups and in any case never bigger than 6 certificate divers with a guide and 3 students with an instructor.

Can non-divers come on the boat?

Yes, non-divers may come on the boat for an additional cost of 50€ each to the morning tour and 30€ to the afternoon trip. They can even go snorkeling.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through online booking using Visa, Mastercard, and other major credit cards.


I've never dived, can I try?

Those who want to try diving for the first time can take part in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, which is an introduction to diving conducted by a professional instructor. The experience is carried out during the morning and afternoon excursions. It includes a theoretical lesson, and an acclimatization dive in protected shallow waters, starting from the beach. The experience begins with carrying out the basic exercises necessary to become familiar with the equipment and the underwater environment and ends with an exploration of the surrounding seabed. At the end of the test, participants have the opportunity to integrate the program with a second dive always guided by the same instructor: a real dive to the maximum depth of 12 meters to visit the flora and fauna submerged in the protected marine area of Punta Campanella.

Do all courses require e-learning?

Yes, you must pass the e-learning course before the end of each course.

I purchased the elearning and I’m wondering how I can take the online course?

You'll receive a link from PADI thru email within 24 hours that will explain the steps.

Do I have to know how to swim to enroll in a scuba diving course? Try Diving/Discovery Diving?

For the diving course, you need to know basic swimming skills, be able to tread, and maintain yourself comfortably in the water to participate in our Diving Courses. For Try Diving/Discovery Diving, basic swimming skills is also required but you don’t have to be a professional.

Will a history of medical illness prevent me from scuba diving?

If you want to go diving but have a history of medical illness, we can send you a course medical statement which your doctor can sign and stamp as proof that you’re allowed to go scuba diving.

Meeting Point

Is the pick up at the hotel?

The Sorrento Peninsula suffers a big traffic problem, why we have decided to limit pick-ups from two meeting points, to circulate as less as possible in the center of Sorrento. You will find indications of the meeting point and timing on the contact page and in your voucher. It is the customers responsibility to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Our drivers will have a tolerance of 5 minutes. Customers who arrive after the shuttle has departed will be able to go independently to the diving center, but the tour will not be refunded in case of delay of the the boat departure.

Pick-up times

Morning time From Sorrento Corso Italia 1 (in front of the Hospital of Sorrento) 8.00
Appointment at the diving 8.30 Departure of the tour at 9.30

In the afternoon
From Sorrento Corso Italia 1 (in front of the Sorrento Hospital) 14.45 Appointment at the diving center 15.00 Departure of the tour at 16.00

What to bring

I booked a dive/snorkeling trip, what should I bring with me?

You need to bring comfortable clothes, towel, an extra set of clothes and sunscreen, and paper or digital voucher.

Do I need to bring sea-sickness tablets?

In case you already know you might suffer the sea or you are doubtful, we highly recommend to bring your own sea-sickness tablets.


What happens if there is bad weather?

Your safety is always our top priority. If the weather or sea conditions are not safe for diving, we will inform you and we can reschedule the dive depending on your availability and availability of the instructor. Rain is not a condition to close a tour.


Do I have to know how to swim to enroll in a scuba diving course? Try Diving/Discovery Diving?

For the diving course, you need to know basic swimming skills, be able to tread, and maintain yourself comfortably in the water to participate in our Diving Courses. For Try Diving/Discovery Diving, basic swimming skills is also required but you don’t have to be a professional.

Can i fly by plane after diving?

According to the standards of international educational agencies: you have to wait 12 hours from a single test dive (Discovery Scuba Dive), 18 hours from a single dive and always 24 hours from repetitive dives.

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