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PADI Basic freediving course – 2 dives – 4hours

PADI Basic freediving course – 2 dives – 4hours

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to explore the underwater world without Scuba equipment. During the half day course you will study theory and practical skills including breatholding techniques, dynamic and static diving and buddy skills. Taught by our expert freediving instructor you will earn the PADI basic freediver certification.

Don't let seasickness ruin your experience!

Some people, often without knowing it, might suffer from nausea and discomfort caused by the motion of the boat. If you think you may have this condition, research if you can take tablets for seasickness to make the best of your experience.

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    from 180€ per person
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • PADI certified freediving instructor
    • Skuba Mask Icon Equipment provided by us
    • Refreshments provided

    Baia di Ieranto: A Kaleidoscope of Marine Life

    In Baia di Ieranto, the crystal-clear waters reveal a natural aquarium, ideal for freediving enthusiasts. Here, Mediterranean marine creatures dance among rocks and caves, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The submerged caves, located just a few meters below the surface, are adorned with colorful sponges and corals, providing a visually enchanting experience. Legend has it that this place was once inhabited by sirens, adding a touch of mystery and magic to your dive.

    Cala di Mitigliano: A Paradise Between Capri and the Sea

    At Cala di Mitigliano, the view of Capri blends with the clear waters, creating the perfect backdrop for your underwater adventure. The seabeds, teeming with life, are a true paradise for freedivers. The posidonia meadows, home to numerous marine creatures, offer an extraordinary natural spectacle. The circular cave along the rocky coast is another wonder to explore, where every corner hides secrets waiting to be discovered.

    Isca: A Natural Oasis to Explore in One Breath

    Isca is a natural gem that promises unforgettable underwater adventures. One of the most picturesque dive sites in the Mediterranean it hosts a variety of enchanting colourful marine life; corals, algae, sea anemones and sponges. Against this lively and dynamic panorama, fish of all kinds add life and movement to this natural spectacle. All this surrounds the entrance to the splendid underwater cave of Isca which provides great exploration for adventurous divers.

    Li Galli: A Meeting with Legends and the Beauty of the Sea

    The three islands of Li Galli, full of charm and history, offer an underwater adventure that combines beauty and legend. Here, according to mythology, sirens used to bewitch sailors with their songs. The crystal-clear waters, inhabited by schools of colorful fish such as saddled bream and barracuda, offer a unique diving experience. The magic of this legendary place will reveal itself with every dive, leaving an indelible memory. Exploring these places is not just a journey through natural beauty, but also an immersion into the stories and legends that make this coast a priceless treasure of the Mediterranean.

    from 180€ per person
    • Duration: 4 hours
    • PADI certified freediving instructor
    • Skuba Mask Icon Equipment provided by us
    • Refreshments provided

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    I've been diving for 15 years... with dry suits in the San Juan Islands of Washington State to Tee shirts in Bonaire and Roatan, The GBR, The Coral Sea and Poor Knights Island, NZ. My dive with DIve Master Vittoria on the Banco Santa Croce site was a Top Three Dive for me. With Tuna feeding on schools of sardines back dropped to beautiful Mediterranean coral... this dive had it all. The Professional, experienced and fun shore crew at Punta Campanella Diving Center made this a perfect day.

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