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snorkeling da sorrento napoli

Private dives and Boat tourin Capri, Sorernto and Amalfi Coast

The pinnacle of Santa Croce, Punta Carena in Capri, The Vervece rock or the Amalfi Coast – are just some of the amazing locations to dive, that can be booked with us on a private diving excursion from Sorrento. The key difference between a group diving session and a private one is that the staff from Punta Campanella will be dedicated to your party only for a duration of approximately 8 hours. This way we can arrange for your dream dive – the perfect day tailor made for you.

Leaving from your hotel on the Sorrentine Peninsula, it doesn’t take long to reach our diving centre situated in the Port area of Massa Lubrense. After we do our initial set up with you at the centre, we will head straight out on the boat for the first dive of the day. Depending on your skill level and considering the days weather conditions these are some of the places that you can chose from:

immersione privata banco santa croce sorrento

Private diving excursion to Santa Croce from Sorrento

TUndoubtably one of the best dives in the Gulf of Naples, if not, according to some in all if Italy, Santa Croce is located just a few miles from Sorrento, in Vico Equense. Despite low visibility in the first few metres, going down just a bit further you will come to a splendid display of Paramuricea Clavata – sea fan soft coral, and this is just the first of many wonders. This area is rich in many different types of underwater flora and fauna, you’ll get the chance to see red coral which itself is extremely rare in the Mediterranean. A unique experience that you should do at least once in a lifetime.

immersione priva a capri

Private diving excursion to Capri with diving at Faraglioni rocks or Punta Carena

Sometimes diving in Capri can be testing, due to weather conditions and underwater currents, and the level of preparation that is required. But if you get the chance the experience is unforgettable. Unbelievably one of the biggest attractions under water is an electrical pylon that fell during a very bad storm. Years later is has become the perfect habitat for violescent sea-whip soft coral & yellow sponges. In these waters you can easily spot many different types of fish such as barracuda, bream and at certain times of the year dolphins & small whales.

immersione privata in costiera amalfitana

Boat Tour of the Amalfi Coast with diving at the Galli Islands

Diving on the Amalfi coast will take place at the Galli Islands (Gallo Lungo, Rotonda and Castelluccia) which lay off the coast of beautiful Positano. The dive will take place along the south face of the Gallo Lungo, this is the biggest outcrop and the only one which is inhabited. At around a depth of 20mts you’ll be able to admire the rock face which disappears into the deep blue, abundant with yellow gorgonians. In these waters you will get the chance to see many species of sea life, including scholls of tuna and amberjacks, and not forgetting the moray eels that hug the rocky walls.

immersione privata al Vervece

Equipment and more info

You can hire all the necessary equipment you require for all our tours, and our staff will take care of you from the moment you are picked up to the moment you are dropped off.

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